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Meet Reetta Piironen, new Head of Project Management and Delivery of Magsort

January 24, 2024


For more information, please contact:

Kalle Rasinmäki

+358 40 566 4250

Reetta Piironen

Head of Project Management and Delivery
+358 50 091 3508
Starting 1st of February, Reetta Piironen tells about her first order of business: "Standardization is the most important thing for successful project management and delivery."

Why Magsort?

"I wanted to join a company with true decarbonization impact. What drew me to Magsort is their ability to cut CO2-emissions on an industrial scale right now. The technology is proven and running in several industrial plants already. This makes it a unique opportunity for me to be part of the solution for climate change. Since there are significantly fewer hardware start-ups in Finland compared to software companies, I'm all the more happy to be part of the Magsort team to scale innovations into business."

Your new responsibilities?

"There are many interesting things on my plate: Production line installation projects, commissioning and process optimization. Another area of responsibility is sourcing of materials and production line equipment as well as managing and controlling the value-chain.

My entire previous career and studies are a great foundation for successfully taking over my new, broad position:

My previous job, VP Operations and Quality at Logmore, was also at a technology scale-up, so I've tuned into the rhythm of a fast growth company.

Earlier I worked for 10 years at Vaisala. Most recently as Senior Manager, Delivery Capability, Instrument Manufacturing, and before that as Category Manager, Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management. Vaisala is an established company of cutting-edge technologies for weather, environment, and industrial processes. It represents a whole other side of tackling climate issues, compared to Magsort.

I have a Master of Science degree in Engineering from Tampere University of Technology, with a major in General Materials Science and minors in Production Engineering and Industrial Management. What a match, I think!

In my experience, it was easier to do big things in small companies.

In a small company, innovations are created and quickly put into action. I really enjoy working in organizations where the pace is fast, where decisions are made quickly, and the implementation phase is reached immediately. That was my key observation from working in both types of companies.

I enjoy challenges with a clear focus and getting to solve all the practical issues but ultimately, the speed at which these things happen makes all the difference. We cannot hold back in the fight to stop climate change.

Standardization is the most important thing for successful project management and delivery.

In my opinion, in order to be scalable, things have to be standardized and documented first and only then can they be managed effectively. A clearly defined, described, and practiced model can be repeated effectively over and over again. To be able to scale up the number of projects and deliveries of production line units for the customers in Steel, Cement and Waste-to-Energy plants, we need to standardize some parts of the process and components across all the industries, and others down to the industry level.

Kalle Rasinmäki, Magsort CEO:

“We got a top professional to our management group – welcome Reetta. As a build-own-operate (BOO) service provider for process industries like steel and cement, our project management and delivery processes are top priorities. We were highly impressed with her during the interview process and are thrilled to have her take responsibility for this key area of our business."