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Magsort is a decarbonization company.

Our revolutionary solution makes it possible to extract all the steel left behind in steel slag while refining the remaining slag into valuable zero-CO2 raw materials for the cement industry.


All of the steel trapped in the slag is liberated.

What remains is refined into ultrafines and aggregate for low-CO2 cement.



Magsort is able to capture twice the amount of steel from steel slag, compared to traditional solutions.

While traditional metal recovery plants (MRP) cannot extract the small pieces of steel, Magsort’s solution delivers all the remaining steel at 80 - 95% purity.

We offer a 100% recycling solution, since the remaining slag becomes a valuable zero-CO2 raw material for the cement industry.


Magsort provides the cement industry with zero-CO2 raw materials for both clinker and cement production, refined from steel slag.

Our product for clinker production can save 35% of CO2 emissions and increase the production by 20%.

Our product for cement production can replace up to 50% of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS), doubling the availability of material for low-CO2 cement.


Magsort's solution allows waste-to-energy plants to recover the previously unavailable metals left in their incinerator bottom ash (IBA).

Our ability to process even the finest fractions of IBA, in a completely dry process, unlocks all of the previously unavailable precious metals, resulting in three times as much value without having to deal with wastewater from wet milling.


What was once a waste product of one industry, is now an effective solution to decarbonize two of the largest CO2-emitting industries.

Steel and cement production combined account for more than 15% of all global CO2 emissions.

Using our 100% recycling solution for steel slag, the total CO2-savings are equivalent to:

  • cement plants reducing their CO2 emissions by up to 35%
  • or steel plants reducing their CO2 emissions by up to 17%

This is one of the single most effective and economical decarbonization actions available that has real and measurable impact on a global scale.

The solution is ready. All that's required is action.

Global steel production generates more than 500 million tonnes of steel slag each year.

Every tonne of steel slag processed by Magsort’s solution saves close to one tonne of CO2 emissions.

This is enough raw material to reduce 1% of all global CO2 emissions.

This impact is equivalent to cutting in half the CO2 emissions from global air traffic.*

*2022 global CO2 emissions 36.8 Gt in total, aviation 0.78 Gt, according to IEA report.