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JSIS and Magsort to refine historical steel slag piles into cement raw materials in Oman

July 5, 2024


For more information, please contact:

Kalle Rasinmäki

+358 40 566 4250
Magsort and Jindal Shadeed Iron & Steel (JSIS), the leading steel manufacturer in Oman, have entered into a long-term agreement to process the historical steel slag piles of the JSIS Sohar steel plant. Magsort will refine the slag into zero-CO2 raw materials for cement companies in the region.

The total impact of processing the entire historical slag pile at the Sohar plant is measured in the millions of tonnes of reduced CO2 emissions.

Growing steel slag piles represent a challenge in land use and environmental concerns for not only JSIS, but the whole steel industry. Magsort’s breakthrough solution allows for a true win-win-situation by turning the former waste of one industry into a critical supply to meet another industry’s unmet demand.

This partnership will greatly benefit the nearby cement companies by providing a reliable stream of new raw materials for making low-CO2 cement, a product category with rapidly growing demand.

Properly processed steel slag makes for a great addition to the raw material portfolio of cement companies. The benefits range from savings in operational and raw material costs to increased clinker and cement throughput, while significantly reducing the CO2 footprint of the produced cement. Steel slag being already decarbonated, means that CO2 emissions decrease roughly in proportion to the percentage used in the cement mix.

About Magsort

Magsort is a decarbonization company. Its revolutionary solution makes it possible to extract all the steel left behind in steel slag while refining the remaining slag into valuable zero-CO2 raw materials for the cement industry.