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Cement industry

Magsort is a zero-CO2 raw material provider for the cement industry. Our solution doubles the material availability for making slag cement.

reduced total CO2 emissions
increased production


Magsort provides the cement industry with zero-CO2 raw materials for both clinker and cement production, refined from steel slag.

Our product for clinker production can save 35% of CO2 emissions and increase the production by 20%.

Our product for cement production can replace up to 50% of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS), doubling the availability of material for low-CO2 cement.


Kiln feed

Our kiln feed product is a calcined material that saves natural resources when used as part of the raw mix.

Benefits of our product include:

  • Lowering the stack emissions
  • Consuming less energy due to no loss of ignition
  • Increasing clinker production rate
  • Replacing the need for iron-corrective

The total CO2-savings are up to 35%, and the clinker production rate is increased by as much as 20%.

Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM)

Our SCM product can replace 50% of GBFS while achieving better strength than using GBFS alone.

The introduction of our product provides a solution to the availability challenges of GBFS, effectively doubling the availability of such low-CO2 cement components.

The location of our production can be selected to optimize the logistics costs.

Our mobile production plants can even be located within the cement plant’s premises, creating the opportunity to source raw materials from multiple places.